BCI is a commission dyeing and finishing company which?is capable of producing?various types of product according to customers’ needs such as uniform fabric (for students, factory workers, government staff, hotels, hospitals, fire department) , carseat (including head liners, door sides), ?home fabric (bedsheets, curtain), ?medical textiles for hospitals. With our wide variety of machines we are capable of dyeing various kinds of fibers such as 100% cotton, TC (Polyester Cotton), TR (Polyester Rayon), Silk, 100% polyester. The fabric we dye also varies in terms of weight ranging from shirting fabric up to thick canvas.

Fiber Types

  • Polyester-Cotton
  • Polyester-Rayon
  • 100% Cotton and CVC
  • 100% Polyester
  • Anti Static (Black and White)
  • Tencel / Tencel Blends
  • Silk
  • Spandex??- Lycra, Roica, T400, Nylon etc.
  • Other Natural Fibers

?Product Applications

  • Uniform/Workwear
  • Monk Fabric – for Thailand and Asian markets (Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, etc.)
  • Automotive Textiles – Car seat, Headliners, Door, ?Upholstery
  • Fashion, Casual-wear – Shirt, Trousers including spadex and stretch items
  • Medical Textiles – Bandage, Hospital Gown
  • Home Textiles -?Ben sheet, Curtain

Dyeing Techniques

1. Solid Dyeing

2.Tie Dye

Finishing Services

  • Water Repellent/Oil Repellent/Soil Release

  • Flame retardant

  • Quick Dry
  • Easy care

  • Sanforising
  • Calendering
  • Air Tumbling
  • Peach skin or Sanding
  • Raising and Shearing
  • Crinkles
  • Cross dye & Yarn dye finishing
  • Sear Sucker
  • Many other finishing techniques